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HALLOWEEEEEN is a retro Halloween-inspired puzzle game designed for Amstrad CPC.

With its jerky controls, colorful pixel art & 8-bit sound effects, the game's look and feel will take you straight back to the 80's!

The game was developed in <4 days by a team of 9 french students from digital school Institut de l'Internet et du Multimédia (IIM)

Every year, monsters gather around in the infamous O'Lantern mansion for Halloween, much to Jack's - the owner - disarray. As October 31st celebrations kick in, Jack attempts to flee the deadly party...

Equipped with his grandfather's pumpkin as disguise, help him escape the mansion incognito. Will you manage to guide him to the exit unnoticed?

CONTROLS — WASD to move • Spacebar to equip mask • R to shoot • All inputs can be rebound

LEVELS — 11 (+ 3 tutorial boards) with their unique level design 

STEALTH — Equip the pumpkin mask to avoid being detected  • Wearing it slows Jack down 

SEED — Shoot seeds to spawn a pumpkin that blocks the monsters' sight 

SCARECROW — Multidirectional 360° detection zone

GARGOYLE — Long detection range in a straight line Doesn't move but rotates around

GHOST — Short detection zone in a straight line • Moves around the board

ZOMBIE — Long detection zone that can be blocked by pumpkins

DESIGNERS — Océane Famechon (LinkedInTimothé Mulalic (LinkedIn) Alexandre Deflandre (LinkedIn)

ARTISTS — Malik Boukhelif (LinkedIn) • Léopold Walho

PROGRAMERS — Corentin Chrisment (LinkedIn) • Alex Copin (itch.io) • Léo Toulisse (LinkedIn)

PRODUCER — Arthur Terrier (LinkedIn)

MUSIC — Blinky's Scary School by Adam Gilmore • Torvak The Warrior by Matt Furniss

A special thanks to the facilitators and management team from IIM for their help and a personal shoot out to the team for their positive mood throughout the jam!


BuildTeam23_Godfather.rar 25 MB

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